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Some of the products of Asia Gostar insulation in Delijan

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Tar mastic paste is specific for repairing with the usage of cold and multipurpose. This product includes of the tar with the high variation and suitable oil solvent and inorganic filter, resin and nano additives
The usage of the tar mastic paste is for surfacing and filling the cracks and structural cracks for the purpose of implement or setting the sheet of humidity insulation, implement of the nano tar, implement of nano silver primer and consolidation of the tar covering like an old tar humidity insulation, metal concrete and brick surfaces. For the purpose of increasing usage of the insulation, this can also be used on the humidity insulation as a preservation laye
High insistence against cold and heat, high stickiness to inorganic, metal and organic surface with the resilience property and recovery in the final product, fast implement, safe and easy. Also using solvent is caused to precipitate the effect of the primer into the cracks. .

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